A Trip to the ER

A Trip to the ER

Yesterday morning, at around 10:30am, I had an aura seizure. The best way I can explain what these feel like, for me, is kind of like a tunnel vision-y thing that only lasts a second. Though I’ve had weirder auras, like strong deja vu and moments when the world is bright and colorful and I’m momentarily euphoric.

Anyway, these things are only about a second long and most of the time I just move on with my life. I figured I was staring at my phone too long, or that I was hungry or something.

About five minutes later I had another one.

Then the dizziness started, and I was lightheaded throughout much of my morning/afternoon. I decided to turn on the TV for Goo and take a short nap. I woke an hour later not feeling much better. In fact, I wound up on my bedroom floor because I was certain I was going to faint.

Was this a postictal state? Possible. Did it have something to do with cutting my Lexapro in half? Maybe.

Oh no…Did it have something to do with this new vegan diet? Had I messed up somewhere?

After calling around, I finally managed to get ahold of my dad, who took me to urgent care. In the midst of having a conversation with the nurse practitioner, I had another aura seizure. She immediately decided it was best I go to the ER.

Fun times. Fun times at the ER. As soon as I arrived and got my bracelet, the computers went down, so the hospital had to revert to the stone age and write everything by hand. The waiting room filled with sick people, as I tried to find an uncomfortable position in my hard chair to nap out in.

2.5 hours later and I was finally given a room. By then my husband had arrived and he had cheered me up immensely. I was giggling and acting quite goofy. I demanded he write this on the board for me:

Despite our blast to the past, I received awesome treatment. The doctor figured it was either my epilepsy or my Lexapro (or both) but wanted to run tests just to be sure. They took a bunch of my blood and gave me an IV of fluids.

I still had Scrubs on the mind, so I said, “nothing like the taste of fresh bag.”

At around 11pm we finally learned my labs were normal. I smiled faintly. My bloodwork last week was excellent, and apparently my work was great today. I am beastin’ this vegan thing.

Lame it was the epilepsy and/or the Lexapro, but I’m super excited it wasn’t low iron or something like that.

Feeling better today, though slightly headache-y. I did notice that I need more “handy” foods for days when I feel funky and don’t really want to cook much. Otherwise I might wind up eating a hot dog in the fridge just to get by.

Hope everyone is doing well!


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