About Me

rolleiflexlifeHi, I’m Lina!

I’m a fine art photographer with a passion for nature, animals, and Studio Ghibli movies. Recently, I decided to go Vegan. This blog is about that lifestyle change. Read about my mishaps, my success, some tips I’ve learned along the way, and even some great Vegan recipes you can try!

A bit more about  me…

I was raised in a small town east of California and west of New York. I grew up enjoying rainbow snow cones, swinging from a tree on a piece of wood attached to a rope, running through laundry on a clothesline, and hunting creek beds for arrowheads and crawdads. One of my fondest memories involves an Ace of hearts and a bicycle wheel.

I didn’t move far from said hometown, and today I live in a condo with my husband, a wee one, a cat, a canary, and a husky pup. I spend my leisure time writing in notebooks and spelunking. My mind is cluttered with hobbies, but my two greatest passions are writing and photography.

Some random facts:

-I waddled my pregnant self across the college stage ten days before my due date.

-My favorite veggies are squash and sweet potato, and I like peaches but not peach flavoring.

-I have epilepsy (one of the reasons I’m trying a plant-based diet)

-I obtained a BA in psychology and minored in English. It may or may not affect what I write about, photograph, or how I vacuum my living room.

-I met my husband in high school and we went on our first date on my sixteenth birthday. We saw The Two Towers and almost got kicked out of the theater for being too giggly.

-I love sorbet (all flavors)