The Minimalist Challenge

The Minimalist Challenge

I learned about the minimalist game on Twitter, and was soon redirected to the site of the The Minimalists (the guys who made the documentary, Minimalism, which is currently on Netflix and a good watch).

The idea of the game is to find someone–a friend or family member or even someone online–to compete with for an entire month. On day one you each get rid of one thing. On day two you each get rid of two things. You go on like this until one of you ducks out, or you guys make it the full month. The person who gets rid of the most junk wins. Or if you both make it the whole month you both win.

As for me, I have no one to compete against. So I’m calling it a minimalist challenge instead of a game.

Today is day one and I have to get rid of one thing. Won’t be hard, considering the fact that my dining room is in shambles right now as I empty two very tall bookshelves. If you’d like to see what I get rid of each day, follow me on Twitter! I’ll be sharing there.

Happy Decluttering!