The Struggle of Feeding my Carnivorous/Omnivorous Pets

The Struggle of Feeding my Carnivorous/Omnivorous Pets

I watched a documentary called Pet Fooled the other day, and learned all that corn and wheat nonsense in Kitty’s and Howl’s dry food is not so great. It got me thinking, as Howl has been having tummy issues for the past few weeks. The following afternoon I called my vet to discuss my concern over a possible UTI–he wasn’t going potty and wasn’t drinking water–and she expressed concerns over a possible kidney issue.

What? Not my puppy!

Luckily–phew!–he did start going potty and drinking water again, but she also told me over the phone to stay away from rawhide. Especially because he eats it. Like the whole bone in an hour.

“It could bind up his system,” she said.

Later that evening I noticed the warning label on the back of certain rawhide treats, explaining that overuse could lead to gastrointestinal upset.

Needless to say I felt pretty guilty. While I’m over here eating the best foods I can find, and feeding my husband and daughter what I feel is good, healthy food, I’m feeding my dog and cat pure junk. Read more