Drink More Water With The Plant Nanny App

Drink More Water With The Plant Nanny App

I love virtual pets. I had four Tamagotchi/Giga Pets on a keychain when I was a kid–and they were all taken care of–and I could play Sims through the apocalypse. A few days ago, I decided to add a new virtual pet to my phone, and I found the Plant Nanny app. I was immediately drawn to the cute plants and their gooey eyes. Reading the description, I learned that you water the plant when you give yourself water. So not only would I receive an adorable virtual plant, but I would also be forced to take care of myself so my plant wouldn’t die. Best of all, it’s FREE! Win-Win-Win! I downloaded the app, put in my weight info, chose the devil’s ivy, and named it Little Green.

When I woke up the first morning, I had a splitting headache. I tried getting more sleep, but that only numbed it a little. So, I rolled out of bed and popped some aspirin. While getting breakfast ready for the kiddo, I checked on Little Green and noticed he was wilted and yellowish. I immediately gulped down a big glass of water.

Little Green didn’t stop wilting until I had five glasses of water down, and maybe it was a coincidence, but that was also around the time my headache finally went away (hours later). It was like Little Green had become a visual representation of what was going on with my body.

That’s not all, however, the next day I was surprised to learn that you can level up in the game! Little Green was growing!

From the many different plants to choose from, fancy pots, and even different backgrounds, this game is super cute and versatile, and it will get you hydrated. Ever wonder how much water you were drinking? I still haven’t made it to eight cups in a day. I wonder what will happen to Little Green if I do.

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